Two Adults - Devils Gorge Run (Power or Paddle)

Between Nicomen Falls and Lytton lies the most exciting rapids of the Thompson River – Kumsheen’s most action-packed river trip.

This famous stretch of whitewater is synonymous with the Thompson River and perfect if you don’t have time for a full day or longer trip – it’s a no frills and all thrills adventure. The Kumsheen bus takes you to Shaw Springs, and after the rafts are put in, you’re heading straight towards The Frog, the first of 18 roaring rapids.

Paddle rafts are smaller than power rafts and you are required to work as a team in order to navigate the rapids. Your guide calls paddle instructions and you assist the team by paddling together. The ride is “smoother” compared to power rafting but generally results in a stronger sense of accomplishment.

Water level dependent for paddle & power trips * Minimum number of 4 guests required for trip to move forward *

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KUMSHEEN | Celebrating 50 Years of Rafting Together on the Thompson River in BC #Kumsheen50

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