Interior Home Styling Package

Have you ever dreamed of having an interior designer style your home? Are you wanting to sell and looking to stage your home for the highest value possible? Oak & Ivory Building Co can help you style your home for the most impact! 

Oak and Ivory Building Co Designs, Builds, and Renovates homes in Kelowna BC.

Moodboard - Collaborate with a skilled interior designer to discuss your needs, preferences, and design style. Once all the details are settled, the designer will create a comprehensive concept board that includes paint, furniture, and accessory selections tailored to your space. Value $350

Space Plan - A scaled drawing of your approved furniture layout and design will provide you with a clear visual representation of your space. This will help you to better understand the size and placement of furniture, as well as the flow of the room. Value $400

3D Renderings - The designer will bring your vision to life by creating detailed and accurate scaled renderings of your space. This will give you a realistic and accurate representation of what your space will look like once the design is complete. Value $450

Shopping List - A comprehensive list of design options, including pricing, SKU's, links, and associated costs. Value $150

Revisions - If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with a material we've presented to you, the interior designer will work with you to source alternative options. Value $200

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Product Provided By: Oak and Ivory Building Co.

Oak and Ivory Building Co.

"Birds of a feather flock together." This is the perfect encapsulation of how Oak & Ivory was born. Two former co-workers who often shared the same vision and passion when it came to their clients. Patrick, a local Okanagan builder and Danielle, a local Okanagan designer, had often discussed some of the core challenges that come with the building industry and how they could be effectively addressed; they shared the same thoughtful attention to detail and had similar ethics while working with clients. Time passed, friendships formed, and Oak & Ivory was born. 

​So what is that vision? to build and Renovate custom homes for clients with transparency and honesty every step of the way. Every household has different needs, wants, and financial abilities. We set out to build spaces that uniquely reflect who that individual is and ensure the entire process honours and respects the investment they make when embarking on their building journey. Oak & Ivory sets out to build and renovate beautiful homes for beautiful people. 

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