Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis Combo Treatment

HydraFacial MD uses no chemicals to remove old, dull, or troubled skin on the surface of your face and reveal fresher, dewier-looking skin beneath.  For its part, the Laser Genesis treatment helps stimulate growth in collagen to target wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores.  Laser Genesis also helps with treating rosacea, diffused redness, as well as acne.  Using HydraFacial MD and Laser Genesis treatments together produces a synergistic effect, and the results of combining them are better than those seen when offering each on their own. How does that work? The HydraFacial process clears your skin and removes unwanted impurities, while Laser Genesis stimulates collagen growth for new, fresher-looking skin. Between the two, your face will look glowing and more youthful.

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