Flair Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker (+Coffee)

The Flair PRO 2 is the highest level of manual espresso that maintains a portable package.

Maintaining all the performance of the original PRO, the PRO 2 features four key upgrades, including:

  • An improved bottomless portafilter for better flow dynamics
  • A removeable stainless steel spout
  • A silicone handle grip for brewing ergonomics
  • A silicone protective wrap to improve gauge durability

These upgrades come standard on all PRO 2 and build upon the best in class features of the original PRO, like an integrated pressure gauge for enhanced pressure profiling, expand capacity for brew ratios, and an enhanced stainless steel experience featuring an all stainless steel brewing head and our flashy two-piece drip tray. The PRO 2 still features the copper-plated portafilter base and brushed chrome exterior. Included is a 2lb bag of our premium Diablo espresso roast ready to be used with the Flair or any machine of your choice.

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Product Provided By: Cherry Hill Coffee

Cherry Hill Coffee roasts their coffee fresh every day. Our beans are 100% Certified Organic. We offer wholesale coffee programs for coffee shops, restaurants , cafes etc. We also have a retail storefront for the public to come in and purchase coffee for home or get an amazing specialty beverage.



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