Opulent Unlimited - A year of Unlimited Teeth Whitening

Brite Lounge Teeth Whitening Boutique: Kelowna trusted boutique! A luxurious teeth whitening experience with instant professional results to leave you feeling confident with a Brite smile!

Opulant Unlimited: You will receive a full year of unlimited access to our teeth whitening boutique for your whitest smile all year round! Come in every second month or every second week, it’s all up to you! What’s so great about our services? You will receive instant results after only an hour long appointment. Our products are vegan, all natural, cruelty free, and North American made! Without sensitivity or pain, your teeth will whiten up to 16 shades. Our lounge is calm relaxing space where your appointment is not chore but rather something too look forward too! Never have a dull day with this package, stay Brite all year long! Confidence is only a bid away!

Can only be used by one person and not transferred. Cannot be used after 365 days of initial appointment. No refunds. Cannot be used on those that are under 14, have any dead teeth, acid erosion, extreme gum recession, pregnant, or nursing.

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